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About Us

The ingredients to the recipe of imagination that makes Fresh-Tops.com are equal
parts bubblegum, glitter and fun. The Fresh-Tops girl stands apart from the crowd
so that others can see her more closely. She's brave, funny and kind—the picture
of teenage bliss. She styles her cut-offs with a brand new Fresh-Tops tank and
Vans slip-ons, pulls back her long flowing mermaid hair to show off her sun-kissed
shoulders shimmering with glitter, while holding a Strawberry Frappuccino in
one hand and her smartphone in the other. 

Fresh-Tops gives a voice to this digitally connected generation that seeks individuality

in the coolest, freshest ways. With new styles updated weekly, and choices to style

year-round, Fresh-tops runs non-stop on Redbull energy and unicorn dreams.



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